8-12 July 2008

“Murom in the Time of Changes” was the subject of the Murom part of the project, “Discovery of Russia: Challenging Myths and Stereotypes”. Thirteen social science teachers from different states of the USA and 8 faculty members and students of the Murom Institute participated in the project. The program included lectures about Murom in the time of changes, epic hero Ilya Muromets, current trends in Murom’s socio-economic development, a guided tour around the town, meetings with the students, and concerts featuring folk songs and classical music.

Meeting on the ancient land of Ilya Muromets

We have much to ask each other about.

In the town’s administration office

In the Art and Culture House

Touring Murom’s holy places

Americans participate in traditional Russian competition.

Americans enjoy the Russian tea ceremony.

Saying good-bye!