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Lease agreement for living quarters in a student hostel, boarding school

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Information on the conditions for the provision of living quarters in a hostel, mandatory for posting on the official website according to the letter of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia dated 02.10.2013 N VK-573/09 "On the procedure for paying for accommodation in a student hostel"

Dormitory check-in procedure

Appendix 1. Application for the provision of a hostel for adult students

Appendix 2. Application for the provision of a hostel for underage students


The hostel MI VlSU is located at Murom, st. Orlovskaya, 25B. The hostel is of sectional type. There is a bathroom and a shower for every four rooms. The rooms can accommodate from two to four students, which have wardrobes, beds, desks. Students living in the hostel are provided with a mattress, pillow, blanket, bedspread, bed linen. Each floor has two spacious kitchens equipped with kitchen tables, sinks and electric stoves. Free time can be spent in the gym and assembly halls. The gym is equipped with a complex of simulators; there is a sports ground not far from the hostel. In the assembly hall there is a tennis table with rackets, for watching TV programs - a TV set and a projector, as well as a piano. On the ground floor there is a washing, drying and ironing room.

Particular attention is paid to creating a safe living environment. The hostel is equipped with video surveillance, an automatic fire alarm and a voice warning system. To ensure a free access road to the hostel, fences have been installed. A strict access control is maintained, which is carried out by security guards (PSC) and dormitory attendants. To ensure the safety of students, an electronic access control system is provided, an alarm button associated with the non-departmental security of the FGKU UVO VNG.

Dormitory opening hours:

- for residing students round-the-clock admission (restrictions may be introduced related to the epidemiological situation and other emergencies).

Guests are admitted to the hostel from 16-00 to 22-00, only upon presentation of an identity document. On weekends from 13-00 to 22-00 (in accordance with the internal rules of the hostel).

Contact information phone: (49234) - 3-56-35; e-mail: 

The lease agreements for living quarters in a student hostel are concluded with each student.

From 01.09. the amount of payment for the use of residential premises and utilities for students of higher education, graduate students in the hostel of MI VlSU:

a typical place for students in a hostel - 860.88 rubles. including:

The amount of payment for utilities, including VAT (according to the appendix is: a typical place for students in a hostel - 835.06 rubles.

The amount of payment for the use of residential premises (rental of residential premises)
according to Appendix 1 is:

A typical place for students in a hostel - 25.82 rubles.

Students for summer time (July, August) pay only for renting accommodation.