Institute History

Murom Institute of Vladimir State University was founded at the education-consultative center in 1957 as a branch of the All-Union Correspondence Institute of Mechanical Engineering.

Institute building on Orlovskaya Street

In 1978 the Institute became part of Vladimir Polytechnical Institute. It obtained the official status of Murom Institute (branch) of Vladimir State University under the RF Education Minister Order № 553 from 30.12.1996 in 1996.

The Murom Institute started in an historic building on Leo Tolstoy Street in Murom where 20 students, guided by several instructors studied one technical field.

Today the Institute is located in 8 buildings covering, 30,000 m2. The Institute has a well-stocked library with three reading rooms, science-technical, and computer resources. The dormitory houses 380 students, and the Institute has a sports and fitness complex. About 5,500 students study in 5 departments majoring in 19 fields. The faculty includes 18 professors with doctoral degrees; 105 associate professors with candidate degrees; 6 current members of the Russian academies of science; and 11 current members of international academies of science.

Today the Institute’s dynamic development is possible because of well-chosen economic policies undertaken in the 1990s. The Institute’s facilities are being expanded, general services and building departments are being enhanced, new Institute buildings are being restored and built, and new departments are being opened, all within the market economy environment.