21 April 2012

On April 21, 2012 the Department of Foreign Languages received the Carleton College students (Minnesota, USA) under Dr. Nemec-Ignasheva for the second time. Love for the Russian language and respect for Russian history and culture brought American students together.

Murom students gave a well-prepared presentation of Murom Institute demonstrating respect to the native country and high level of the English level. Carleton college students showed the Internet-site of their educational institution, focusing on the activities of the Russian Language and Culture Department. The talk about hobbies, preferences and attitudes among Russians and Americans brought both sides closer at the meeting. The last chord record was the song performed by the American students with open hearts.

The walk about Murom and sightseeing allowed the students of both sides to continue the dialogue started in unofficial environment.

There were many professional, academic and cultural issues to discuss for both professors and students.

Let’s hope that kind and friendly relationships will be continued.

American students impressed me greatly. They are open and ready for communication. It was interesting to listen to their talks about education and students’ life.

Anastasya Lazareva

I enjoyed the meeting with American students. They showed the pictures of their University, and in their turn, American students were attentive when watching the presentation about Murom Institute and the film about Murom town. I greatly enjoyed their singing.

Sergey Chizhov

I liked the meeting with Carleton students as they did everything on the spur of the moment with open hearts. I especially like the song performed with sound effect (using the teacher’s desk).

Olga Konkova

Meeting with Carleton students impressed me greatly and caused only positive emotions. I realized at once that they were friendly and open as they entered the classroom with sincere smiles on the faces. I enjoyed the song performed by them without any musical instruments. The American students told us about themselves and their studies. It was very interesting.

Ekaterina Zadovskaya

On Saturday April 21, our town was visited by a group of American students from Carleton college, USA. They have different majors but they all study Russian, History of Russia, our habits and traditions.
American guests told us about their hobbies – theatre, cinema, dancing, sport. One of the students Sofia Davis told that Russian people are talented, friendly and hospitable. She liked wooden houses with carved windows. Another student, Leaf (was named so by her parents – biologists) wants to be a teacher and is fond of yoga.
We liked American students, they were so nice and sociable.

Elena Ogneva

Meeting Carleton college students

Ekaterina Krasilnikova presents Murom Institute

The song performed by Carleton college students

Visiting Holy places of Murom

Professional problems proves to be the same in both countries

Students have much to speak about

Russian – American students alliance on Murom Land